National History Challenge

Idaho Wins Middle School Division, New Records Set Colonia Shocks Cartersville, Winning High School Div. on Last Question.

Here are the records set by Boise North Middle School:

  1. First Idaho team to win any Questions Unlimited tournament in 41 years.
  2. First “one-man” team to make the playoffs … in any Questions Unlimited tournament in 41 years.
  3. First team ever to break 300 points in the Middle School div. of National History Challenge – Boise North did it in all five of their games.
  4. That “one man” is eighth grader Grady Noble.As far as individual performances are concerned … we’ve just never seen anything like it.


“Art History” was the category of the final pair of questions in the championship match in the High School division.  First, Cartersville (GA) fielded this question: “What school of art brings to mind Kandinsky and Pollack?” Cartersville took the lead by answering “Abstract Expressionism.”  Colonia (NJ) had to answer this one: “Thomas Cole and Asher B. Durand were the leaders of what American school of artists who painted in the Romantic tradition?” About 15 seconds of team discussion led Colonia to the correct answer, “Hudson River School,” winning them the History Challenge title for the second consecutive year.

National History Challenge


The venue will be Google Meet which is free and easy-to-use. Start time will likely be 9:00 or 10:00 Eastern, but any Mountain & Pacific Time Zone teams may start later. Entry Fee: $75 per team

Each team will compete in at least three official tournament matches. Advancement to the Single Elimination playoffs will be determined by performance in the three preliminary games. All 2-1, and 3-0 teams will make the playoffs.

Your team contingent should include three or four starters and one or more coaches. Alternate(s) are allowed but must remain on mute until they are in play.


There will be two levels: High School and Middle School.


A tutorial on using the videoconferencing program relative to the tournament will be sent to all coaches in time for them to practice with their teams. Our tech coordinator will be available to answer all questions ahead of time and will be available by phone for all matches.


For this one-day tournament we will be limiting the field to no more than 36 teams.

Rules & Format

Other than the number of preliminary matches, all rules will be the same as those used at the National Academic Championship:

*with some Government and Current Events!

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