1. Each contest features two teams of four players each from one school (no all-star teams created from different schools).
  2.  Substitutions are permitted between rounds. Subs must mute their microphone.
  3.  Each team must designate a captain before each round. When a captain is required to give an answer, he may not designate another player. The captain will say the word ANSWER before giving his answer so that the moderator knows that the team discussion is over.
  4. Each question has a pre-stated value. Points are scored by correct answers only; incorrect answers do not lose points. All questions missed may be answered by the opposing team for the points.
  5. At their discretion, officials may give a player a chance to “be more specific” if his answer is deemed neither correct nor incorrect. If more information is provided than is required for a correct answer and some portion is incorrect, the whole answer will be deemed incorrect.
  6. Keyboards may not be used. Contestants should turn Closed Captions on so that they can see the questions and discuss with their teammates more easily.
  7. If equipment malfunctions, please call the tournament tech director, Pat Jewell, at 440-487-8781 for help. Most technical difficulties can be solved without any issue.
  8.  Any appeal may be launched at the end of the Match if it makes a difference in which team wins. An appeal shall consist of the player and/or coach explaining the issue to the official(s). The official(s) may then consult with the opposing coach as they see fit. It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct to interrupt the flow of a match by lodging a protest at the wrong time. There are only a few times when it is correct to interrupt the flow of a match – e.g. equipment malfunction, illness, – but protests and scoring issues need to be addressed at the end of the period. A team is permitted a maximum of two question appeals per game.
  9. Other than during the “Seventy Seconds Round,” there is no objective timing of each question. The moderator will give a reasonable amount of time for consultation before prompting with “Answer, Please,” after which the team will have about two seconds to give their answer.

First Period (“Warm Up Round”).

  1. All questions are assigned to a team, are relatively easy, and are worth 10 points apiece.
  2. This is a buzzerless competition. Questions will be read alternately to Team A and Team B. The order will be ABBA ABBA etc.
  3. If the first team is incorrect, the question will be referred to the other team.
  4. Consultation is allowed on all questions in all periods. Students may only confer verbally and not through the chat feature. All answers will be given by the team captain and preceded by the word “Answer” so the moderator can easily distinguish a definitive answer from consultation.

Second Period (“Seventy Seconds Round”)

  1. Four categories (which vary from game to game) are announced. Each category contains ten questions worth 10 points apiece, and a team is awarded an extra 20 points if it answers all ten correctly.
  2. The team that is trailing (or, in case of a tie, the last team to score) selects a category first.
  3. Once the categories are announced, coaches are not allowed to tell their team what to select.
  4. Answers must be given by the captain, who must say “answer” before giving the official team answer. The captain may interrupt the question, but the moderator reserves the right to complete any question.
  5. The team has at most seventy seconds to complete a category, so it is playing against the clock. The moderator will move on to the next question in the category only when the captain gives a correct answer, gives an incorrect answer, or refuses a question by saying “pass”.
  6. Once a team misses or passes a question, they cannot later return to it.
  7. After time has expired for the first team, the second team may try to answer only the questions that were missed or passed or, in some cases, the part of the last question that was read but went unanswered.
  8. After the second team has finished rebounding, the second team will select from the remaining three categories and play the round. Then the first team will be given opportunity to rebound.
  9. In the event of an error (e.g. mispronunciation by the moderator) which appears to “cost the team time,” adjustments will not be permitted, unless, in the opinion of the moderator, the error was so significant as to create a situation of extreme prejudice to the team. In such cases the officials, solely at their discretion, may elect to compensate the team with extra seconds.

Third Period (“Stump the Experts Round”)

  1. Rules are identical to the First Quarter, except assigned questions are more difficult and are valued at 20 points.
  2. If, at the end of the round, both teams have the same number of points, a tie is declared and both teams awarded wins.

Tournament Format

If a team arrives ten minutes past game time or does not show up at all, it automatically forfeits. The moderators, however, are encouraged to be lenient before declaring a forfeiture, given the technology. Moderators who have a late match occurring may indicate this to the tech director who can let the next moderators know an approximate time for the next start.
Preliminary round schedules will be published a week before the competition begins.


  1. A team consists of players from one school whom the school has declared eligible. Seniors and younger.
  2. Team behavior should conform to the high standards of the competition.
  3. Teams must be accompanied by at least one adult coach/advisor. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team members.