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Here they are...

Spencer Wright Jack Pollock Jack Audi Christian Egan Sean Stolz Drew Basile Dan Hill Ed Roberge

Chaffin (AR) finishes second
Winburn (KY) and Trinity (AR) round out the Final Four

Here they are...

Jonas Miller Brody Johnson Evy Bolton Brycen Daniels

Their first year to have a Scholar’s Bowl team and they finish first in the nation

Tyler Ellis Marley Golden Zavier Dowdel Taylor Morgan Henry Evans


"... this academic team competition ... is by far the most impressive of any. The questions truly are significa and not convoluted using overused words like “namesake” ... Stopping the game to make commentary also makes it so much more personal and down to earth for our kids and the audience."

Ed Rossmund

We have been calling ourselves “The Finest in Academic Competition” since 1982. But don’t take our word for it. See what our participants have to say...

“We have been to your NAC tourney 3 times in the past ten years... last year we actually “made it” to Sunday. We always had memorable experiences. We also went to [*] twice in that period of time. This year we had a scheduling problem ... and we opted for the [#] tournament this past weekend ... What a mistake! ... The question set from [#] was definitely not to our liking relying way too much on irrelevant rote facts instead of things that are relevant for today's students. My team was very disappointed and it was a sad way to end their academic team careers. We still managed to have a good time visiting battlefields in the region and reminiscing over the past four years. I guess the point of my note is to let you know, Chip, that you have a fine tournament and to keep doing what you have been doing!”

Barry L. Gallagher, DuBois Area (PA) High School Academic Team.

* name of tournament withheld
# name of another tournament withheld

“[Our] team has participated in national tournaments for eight of [the last ten] years. Our third year, due to scheduling, we attended another national tournament. It was evident to us following this experience that the National Academic Championship sponsored by Questions Unlimited was head and shoulders above the other tournament. Scheduling, staying on schedule, professionalism of the staff and administration, and the general friendliness of the tournament really stand out. This is why in the eight trips to national tournaments we have chosen the National Academic Championships seven times. Thanks for the great experience.”

Steve Duffee, Boone, Iowa.

You do have the best competition, bar none."

David C. O'Shields, Superintendent, Laurens County School District 56

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