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High School Contest Is Won on the Last Question

Kentucky Boasts Two National Champs in 3-2-1

Paul Laurence Dunbar Bests 174 Other High School Teams
Lexington, KY school edges former champ Wayzata (MN) 416-415

Butler Intermediate (PA) Wins Junior High Division
South Forsyth Tops Middle School Division
Georgia team finishes ahead of Beaumont (KY) 268-267,
but Beaumont wins elementary title



Note that we offer a middle-grade league as well as high school leagues.

Connected to the Internet, your academic team can compete directly with schools hundreds or thousands of miles away without the costs and inconvenience of traveling. The cost to enter our Fall National QuizNet tournament is $150. You may compete in up to eight preliminary-round matches, plus another one or two games if you make it to the playoffs. All matches last about an hour, and will take place every week, starting the week of February 4, for 8 consecutive weeks.

High School Leagues (choose one):
Wednesday (3:30 Eastern Time)
Thursday (3:30 Eastern Time)
Middle school/junior high League
Tuesday (4:00 Eastern)

Each match consists of three parts: Warm-Up Round, Bonus Round, and Stump the Experts Round.

Each school winning any preliminary round match automatically qualifies for the National Academic Championship.

A complete list of rules is found here: All communication will be done by e-mail, and you must give an e-mail address which you will be checking every few days, and we suggest you white-list our address so that our messages don’t end up in your spam folder.

All online matches are hosted by Charles Beall.

More Information: Contact Charles Beall directly at 801-699-3424.

Connecting to QuizNet.

One computer per team may be connected to the QuizNet chatroom. Connect your Java-enabled computer to the chatroom by clicking on the word HERE.
On the popup screen just type in a Nickname (name of your school) and click connect.

It is crucial that you and your school´s computer specialist resolve any filter/firewall issues that may prevent your team from connecting to our channel, and this should be before the first match.


We have been calling ourselves “The Finest in Academic Competition” since 1982. But don’t take our word for it. See what our participants have to say...

“We have been to your NAC tourney 3 times in the past ten years... last year we actually “made it” to Sunday. We always had memorable experiences. We also went to [*] twice in that period of time. This year we had a scheduling problem ... and we opted for the [#] tournament this past weekend ... What a mistake! ... The question set from [#] was definitely not to our liking relying way too much on irrelevant rote facts instead of things that are relevant for today's students. My team was very disappointed and it was a sad way to end their academic team careers. We still managed to have a good time visiting battlefields in the region and reminiscing over the past four years. I guess the point of my note is to let you know, Chip, that you have a fine tournament and to keep doing what you have been doing!”

Barry L. Gallagher, DuBois Area (PA) High School Academic Team.

* name of tournament withheld
# name of another tournament withheld

“[Our] team has participated in national tournaments for eight of [the last ten] years. Our third year, due to scheduling, we attended another national tournament. It was evident to us following this experience that the National Academic Championship sponsored by Questions Unlimited was head and shoulders above the other tournament. Scheduling, staying on schedule, professionalism of the staff and administration, and the general friendliness of the tournament really stand out. This is why in the eight trips to national tournaments we have chosen the National Academic Championships seven times. Thanks for the great experience.”

Steve Duffee, Boone, Iowa.

You do have the best competition, bar none."

David C. O'Shields, Superintendent, Laurens County School District 56

Beall in the Stone Age of Quiz Bowl


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