Here are the Champions.

When Quest Academy (Palatine, IL) won the Elementary National Academic Championship in 2021, it was the first time an Illinois school had won a national championship at any level. Next Generation School (Champaign, IL) not only won the tournament in 2022, it was, after the Finals, declared the greatest team ever.
Next Generation’s 530-point explosion in the title match with a fine Bluewater (FL) team was one for the ages. Here are the questions they answered correctly in the “Stump the Experts” round …

  • 3. IN THE NEWS What is now the leading cause of death for school-age children?
    Ans. Gunshots
  • 4. IN THE NEWS In April, Florida issued new guidelines for math books, saying they must not contain references to Critical Race, Social Justice, and other such theories. In May, it issued the same guidelines for what content area, SS for short?
    Ans. Social studies
  • 5. STATES In what state are there cities named for these people: John Sparks, Charles Henderson, Kit Carson, Jesse Reno?
    Ans. Nevada
  • 6. STATES Name the state whose counties include Zapata, Crockett, and Pecos.
    Ans. Texas
  • 7. MATH You can draw a triangle with three right angles on the surface of this object if each pair of vertices of the triangle lies on a great circle of this three-dimensional figure. The formula 4/3 πr3 gives the volume of what solid counterpart of a circle?
    Ans. Sphere
  • 9. ANCIENT HISTORY Its name comes from the rich soil found near its rivers, and the shape of its area from Upper Egypt to Elam on the Persian Gulf. Name it.
    Ans. Fertile Crescent
  • 10. ANCIENT HISTORY Name the large, centrally located meeting places in which Roman citizens would gather for festivals, speeches, elections, or other public events.
    Ans. Forums
  • 11. SCIENCE You fill a glass with water, completely to the top, and slide a card over the top. Invert the glass. When you carefully remove your hand holding the card against the glass, the card remains in place and no water spills. What holds the card in place?
    Ans. Atmospheric pressure (air pressure)
  • 12. SCIENCE What can be caused when land becomes increasingly arid and unproductive? We’re looking for a 15-letter word starting with D.
    Ans. Desertification
  • 16.MUSIC … This string serenade was composed in 1787. Name either the title or the composer. Listen.
    Ans. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart


The Finals represented a rematch between SCAPA and Quest Academy (Palatine, IL). SCAPA won the meeting during the preliminary round 240-205. No team entered the Elementary playoffs with a 6-0 record. Quest won the rematch in the finals, 320-260.

winners of our 6 tournaments


  • 2017 – Hawken School (Lyndhurst, OH)
  • 2018 – Westwood School (Addison, TX)
  • 2019 – Opelika Middle School (Opelika, AL)
  • 2020 – Winburn Elementary (Lexington, KY)
  • 2021 – Quest Academy (Palatine, IL)
  • 2022 – Next Generation (Champaign, IL)
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