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Official Tournament Questions

Join the hundreds of successful quiz bowls that use Questions Unlimited

There are more than a thousand high school academic competitions across the country, and most of them use Questions Unlimited. We have helped start hundreds of quiz programs, and many others have adopted our format and questions for their official competitions. In business since 1978, we are America's largest supplier of official tournament questions and answers for academic competition.

Tournament questions are guaranteed accurate and secure

Our questions have been thoroughly researched and tested in televised academic competitions. Because we keep detailed records on our customers, you can be sure that you won't receive the same questions as another tournament in your area. Of course, you'll receive different questions each time you order.

Unsurpassed quality and variety

Our questions were written specifically for broadcast academic competitions. You simply cannot find a more accurate, better-written source of questions. Each set of questions covers a broad range of academic subjects, including history and literature, math and science, current events and the arts.

We sell four types of official tournament questions:

  • Individual Toss-up sets. Each set contains 70 questions (except for elementary level, which contains 60 questions) covering an assortment of academic subjects. The cost is $30 per secure set.
  • Related Bonus sets. Each set contains 30 multiple-part bonuses (two-part, three-part, and four-part). The cost is $40 per secure set.
  • 60-seconds sets. Each set contains 7 rounds of 10 questions. Each round has 10 questions on a specific subject, and is meant to be answered in a minute or less. The cost is $35 per secure set.
  • National Academic Championship format sets contain 100 questions in Questions Unlimited's copyrighted four-quarter format of relatively easy toss-up, 4-part bonus, 60-seconds, and relatively difficult toss-up questions. The cost is $100 per secure set.