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I had a team of 8, and we had a lot of fun! ... We appreciate all the work you and your staff ... did to make this happen!

Eric Schmidt, Dakota Hills Middle School

Please tell everyone that we at Norfolk Academy found it a worthy substitute for the great Auk.

Katherine Holmes

Thank you very much for affording our students this wonderful opportunity.

Julie Mosley, Rocky Bayou Christian School

We enjoyed the competition very much! I'm glad something has come along to replace the KMO- it was so nice to have something the whole team could be a part of. I will certainly try to round up some more participants for the next go-round.

Lucy L. Wise-Gladwell,  C. Milton Wright HS Bel Air, MD

I just wanted to say that I know this has been a tremendous amount of work on you and QUnlimited.  As one of the coaches of our middle school team for over ten years now, I wanted to thank you for a great competition.

Francis of Assisi Catholic School

You have to charge more

Doug Buhler, South Pasadena Middle School [By the way, it’s our intention not to take his advice.]

Thanks for doing this.  Since Delaware is small and there are not a lot of opportunities instate for us to compete, this was a great way to change up what we do that did not cost a lot (anytime a group goes out of state we have to get a coach bus or get parents to drive and it gets expensive or complicated).  This was perfect and fit the bill.

Julie Finley-O'Connor, Caesar Rodney High School

Again, thank you for "taking over" for KMO, who did such a great job over many years; you guys appear to be well on the way to at least as much success and appreciation as those folks enjoyed.

Mark Hartman, Morristown-Beard School

this quiz makes them really use their critical thinking skills and makes them tap into prior knowledge.

Roberta Weiner, Madison Middle School