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  1. There is no limit to the number of students that may participate on a school's QuizNet team. To equalize the playing field between junior high teams and middle school teams, each middle school team is welcome to include up to two ninth graders from the high school into which that middle school feeds. A junior high team may play no more than two ninth graders at a given time. Coaches, of course, may not participate in prompting students during the match, but a faculty coach MUST BE PRESENT to supervise the appropriateness of the team's online communication.  Calculators, maps, and other such aids are not permitted during the match.  Pen(cil) and paper which is blank at the start of the match are allowed.
  2. Matches have an upper-limit number of teams to be determined by the tournament director.
  3. For seeding into the playoff rounds, team rank will be based on:
    a. # games won
    b. total points accumulated
    • 3.5 SYOSSET RULE. We will discard your lowest game score before determining the identity and seeding of the playoff teams. (If you miss a game, of course, you score 0 for that contest.)
  4. Only one try per team per question is permitted. A 5-point penalty may be assessed if a team answers more than once per question. If the question calls for multiple answers, they must be given on the same line.
  5. WARM UP ROUND PROCEDURES. (17 tossup questions)
    10 pts. will be awarded for the first/best correct answer.
    5 pts. will be awarded for other correct answers appearing on the screen before the host (QU) states the correct answer. The time given to answer will vary depending on the question
    • 5.5 VERY IMPORTANT: In the IRC medium, the order of responses displayed on different participants' screens may differ due to the nature of the technology. The order of responses on the host's screen is official. This will seem disconcerting at first, so please be prepared for it.
  6. BONUS ROUND PROCEDURES. (7 tossups, 4 bonuses)
    10 pts. will be awarded for the first/best correct answer to a tossup question; in addition this team will get the first chance at the bonus opportunity.
    5 pts. will be awarded for other correct answers appearing on the screen before the host states the correct answer.
    Each bonus will consist of a 5-pointer, followed by a 10-, 15-, and 20-pointer. The host will always prompt with "Answer please" or equivalent before calling time. If the team misses a bonus opportunity by answering incorrectly or failing to give an answer in time, points will be awarded only to the *first* team with the correct answer given *after* the host signifies either that the answer is incorrect (by saying *No*) or that the team has taken too much time (by saying *Time*). If a team gives a correct answer *before* this prompt, points will not be awarded.
    • 6.5. Any team answering out of turn on a bonus question -- that is, by giving the answer before the team to which the question is directed has had a chance to answer - will be penalized the point value of that question.
  7. 7. STUMP THE EXPERTS ROUND PROCEDURES . (17 tossup questions)
    All first period rules apply except:
    20 pts. will be awarded for the 1st correct answer.
    15 pts. will be awarded for other correct answers given before the host states it.
  8. *First/best clarification* In cases of awarding extra points for questions (i.e. 10 pts in the first period or 20 pts in the third period) or awarding first opportunity at a bonus series in the second period, orthography and typographical accuracy shall take precedence over speed. For example, suppose the correct answer to a second-period tossup is Oxymoron. Team A comes in first with Oxomoron. Team B comes in with Oxymoran. Team C: Oxymoron. Team D: Paradox. Team A and B would be awarded 5 points for getting close enough. However, Team C had it flawlessly; so, though not first on the screen, they get the 10 pts and the bonus opportunity. Team D was not close and gets no points... In cases where nobody answers flawlessly, the extra points go to the quickest team whose answer is deemed acceptable.
    • 8.1. TYPO COROLLARY Answers that do not create another word than the answer sought, will be awarded minor credit in the case of an obvious typographical error, that involves one letter in the answer having been mistyped by incorrectly striking an adjacent key. No credit will be awarded in such cases where two letters are transposed.
    • 8.5 SOLO SHOT RULE. This rule will be in effect during any QuizNet match with 6 or more teams. Any team that is the only one in with the correct answer (before the host reveals the answer) will be awarded a 10-point bonus.
  9. COOPERSTOWN RULE. Questions requiring a person's name as an answer may be correctly answered by giving the person's surname only, provided there are no others having the same surname with whom he might be confused (e.g., the Roosevelts). For example, "Peter Tchaikovsky" will not be considered a "better" answer than "Tchaikovsky" as far as awarding points is concerned. If more information is provided than is required for a correct answer and some portion is incorrect, the whole answer will be deemed incorrect.
  10. A team need not wait until the end of the round to lodge a protest; however, a protest must take place during or immediately after the period during which the question under consideration occurred.
  11. A team is allowed no more than one protest per period of each match.
    • 11.5 PINGRY RULE. The moderator will make every effort to deal with each protest efficiently and accurately at the time it is lodged. However, if the moderator cannot make a relatively quick decision due to the anticipated research time involved, he reserves the right, rather than subject all participants to an inordinate delay, to defer a protest to post-game; and then, he reserves the right to consider that protest only if it would make a difference in who wins the match.
    • 11.6 DECATUR RULE. If a team wishes to ask if points were received on a certain question, that request must be made before we've started scoring the following question.
  12. Online behavior deemed obnoxious, rude, or insulting to host or fellow-competitors will not be tolerated. This includes impolite talk, abusing host or fellow-competitors, unsolicited "pinging" of opponents. The judge can and will assess any appropriate penalty to discourage unsportsmanlike conduct, including banning a team from the rest of the match or deducting points. We keep a log of every match, and we will not hesitate to send the log to the school principal in cases of egregious profanity or abuse. At least one faculty coach must be present at every match and make sure that the captain is not engaging in indecent communication.
  13. Some teams like to log on 15-30 minutes ahead of time to make sure they're connected in time and to "visit" with other teams. This is the best time to chat with other teams. We do not prohibit chat during the game so long as it's (a) between questions, (b) brief, and (c) in good taste.


  1. We are attempting to approximate a face-to-face buzzer-type quiz bowl competition. The general rule of thumb on acceptable responses is "write-as-you-would-speak." The judge will in many cases accept standard abbreviations such as "St." for "Street."
  2. Chemical symbols will be acceptable answers only when the question asks for a chemical symbol. If the question asks for a chemical element, the element name -- not its symbol -- is required. Ditto for state abbreviations.
  3. These abbreviations for "the United States" are acceptable: U.S., U.S.A., USA, U S, US ... This abbreviation for "the United States" is not acceptable: us.

SUGGESTION ... Some teams ask how the questions and answers can appear on their screen in color. Click on "perform" tab. In the first field, type "qu" -- check both highlight boxes -- and there you go.