4720 Questions From High School Regional Competitions, 2014-2020 at $200, our best value ever

BEST OF THE BEST volumes .

Challenge your team to answer our best questions -- the ones that decided the National Academic Championships from 1994 to 2022.

We use over 6,000 questions each year at the National Academic Championship. We've selected the best 1,200 from each year for your use in team practices.
The booklets each contain 12 sets of 100 questions in Questions Unlimited's copyrighted, four-quarter format. Each set has four rounds:

  • Round 1 (Warm-Up Round): Relatively easy toss-up questions worth 5 and 10 points apiece.
  • Round 2 (Bonus Round): Toss-up questions and 4-part bonus series
  • Round 3 (60-Seconds Round): Four 60-Seconds rounds of 10 questions each.
  • Round 4 (Stump the Experts Round): Relatively difficult toss-up questions worth 15 and 20 points apiece.

Price: $80 per set of 1,200 questions

These volumes are the most popular in our 40-year history. The questions were not written to be time-sensitive so, although we will automatically send you the most recent volume(s), the earlier volumes will be about 95% up to date.

Practice Toss-up Sets

Practice toss-up questions come in sets of 10 current events questions + 60 timeless questions covering a wide range of academic subjects, including history and literature, math and science, geography and the arts.

We offer more than 350 practice sets, and we keep careful records so that your school receives different sets each time it orders. With our volume discount, the price is as low as $5.00 per practice set if you order 20 or more sets at a time, and you receive two free sets with your first order of the year!

Practice 60-Seconds Sets

Practice 60-seconds rounds are available in nine booklet volumes.
Each volume contains 100 rounds -- 1,000 questions total -- for $70.
Each round contains 10 questions on a related subject, meant to be answered in a minute or less.

Practice Bonus Sets

Five Practice Bonus Question Sets are available. Each set contains 60 four-part National Academic Championship-style bonus series.
That's 240 total questions. Each set costs $25

Large Volumes

A volume of 1016 questions (400 tossups and 154 four-part bonuses) for only $65.
A volume of 1017 tossup questions for $65.
350 Bonus Questions for $65

Visual questions in three volumes


The style is Pre-Raphaelite.
The artist is John Millais. Name a Shakesepearean character and you've given me the title of this painting.


This is a photograph of a performance by Ballet Folklorico,
an ensemble from what country?


the powerful classicism of this painting derives less from 15th century Florentine painting than from studies of what other form of art?
You're looking at Michelangelo's painting of The Holy Family.


Visual questions accessible on our website …

These are among the classiest products we've ever offered. Available are two 200 art-question volumes, and one 257-question volume of non-art visuals. The format is very similar to the visual questions at Nationals. The cost to access these questions directly on this website is $20 per volume.

Regular,Audio & Video Questions
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Audio questions accessible on our website …

No meaningful quiz would be complete without the music questions! We offer 97 audio questions – mostly classical music, some pop music, some non-music audio clues. The format is very similar to the audio questions at Nationals. The cost to access these questions directly on this website is $20.

Regular,Audio & Video Questions
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A personal note

"My passion for art began when I was 17, and assigned to be the "art expert" (among other subjects) on our 'In the Know' team. Our team didn't win any games, but I grew from a player who could recognize a Remington or a Rembrandt to a person who appreciated and loved the works of the great masters. It was Quiz Bowl that opened up this field for me."
-- Charles Beall