Central & Western Academic Challenge

Levels:high school & middle school.
Open to:schools in states in Central Time Zone (all or in part).
Time:Games start at 9 a.m. Central; we should be finished with playoffs around supper time.
Place:The venue will be Google Meet which is free and easy-to-use.
Entry Fee: $75 per team
Team: Your team contingent should include three or four starters and one or more coaches. Alternate(s) are allowed but must remain on mute until they are in play. Substitutions are allowed during the three breaks in each contest.
Training A tutorial on using the videoconferencing program relative to the tournament will be sent to all coaches in time for them to practice with their teams. Our tech coordinator will be available to answer all questions ahead of time and will be available by phone for all matches. In the meantime, have a look at an 8-minute clip from the Middle School championship game
Cap For this one-day tournament we will be limiting the field to no more than 36 teams.
The Questions: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of question quality and academic relevance, with tossups largely pyramidal.
Format: four-quarter NAC format, adapted for buzzerless contests in videoconference, see Rules.
Top Teams: will qualify for the National Academic Championship.
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