Sample Bonus Rounds

Sample Bonuses from Tournament Bonus Sets

Two-Part Bonus (10 pts. each): Transcendentalism

  • This philosophical movement was centered in which section of America?
    Ans. New England
  • During what century did the movement flourish?
    Ans. 19th

Three-Part Bonus (10 pts. each): Mega

While the prefix “mega” means “million,” this bonus is worth only thirty points. Identify the following “mega” words:

  • A pathological state in which a person vastly overstates his own importance.
    Ans. Megalomania
  • It refers to a huge urban region formed by chains of metropolitan areas.
    Ans. Megalopolis
  • A structure of large stones, including many ancient constructions such as Stonehenge.
    Ans: Megalith

Four-part Bonus (10 pts. each): Shakespeare

  • Five of Shakespeare’s plays are set in whole or in part in the city of Rome. Name any one of the five Roman plays.
    Ans. Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra,. Coriolanus, Titus Anndronicus, Cymbeline
  • When Romeo and Juliet meet at a ball, the first 14 lines they speak are in what poetic form?
    Ans. Sonnet (iambic pentameter)
  • Gloucester’s son Edgar, disguised as a madman, met this king on the stormy heath. Name this character.
    Ans. King Lear
  • England had eight kings named Henry. Which four were the subject of plays by Shakespeare?
    Ans. Henry IV, V, VI, VIII