Sample 60-Seconds Rounds

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60-Seconds: Famous Last Names

Here’s a chance for you to do some real detective work. I’ve got a list of famous people, all of whom have been given fictitious last names. To get their real names, just change the last name to its synonym.

  • Chief Justice Salmon P. Hot Pursuit
    Ans. Chase
  • Comedian Jackie Bricklayer
    Ans. Mason
  • Mystery writer Raymond Candlemaker
    Ans. Chandler
  • Talk-show host Larry Monarch
    Ans. King
  • Diarist Anne Candid
    Ans. Frank
  • Poet Robert Ice Crystals
    Ans. Frost
  • Playwright Arthur Flour Grinder
    Ans. Miller
  • Painter Benjamin 270 Degrees on the Compass
    Ans. West
  • Economic philosopher Adam Metalworker
    Ans. Smith
  • Naval commander Jonathan Wagon-builder
    Ans. Wainwright

60 Seconds: American History

  • n 1677, William Penn was the first person to write a charter separating what?
    Ans. Church and state
  • In 1785, Congress initiated mail service using what horse-drawn vehicles?
    Ans. Stagecoaches
  • Who was the only sitting Vice President to defeat a sitting President in an election?
    Ans. Thomas Jefferson
  • Who escaped from the shackles of slavery in 1838 to become one of America’s leading orators?<

Ans. Frederick Douglass

  • What 1857 Supreme Court decision said that no black, free or slave, could claim citizenship?<

Ans. Dred Scott decision

  • In Sept. 1862 Robert E. Lee crossed the Potomac and invaded what state?
    Ans. Maryland
  • Before this battle, David Farragut was a Rear Admiral: after, a Vice Admiral.
    Ans. Mobile Bay
  • Which city along the Mississippi River was known as the “Gibraltar of the Confederacy& quot;?

Ans. Vicksburg

  • In 1917, what did President Wilson say “must be made safe for democracy”? Ans. The world
  • Name the longest war ever fought by the U.S.
    Ans. Vietnam War
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