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But Paideia had to do it in Overtime


Dawkins (SC) led Paideia (GA) and Horizon (MN), 130-115-115, after stealing the 10 pointer in the SULFUR bonus.  Miller (GA) vaulted into the lead after gleaning 30 points on the OCEANOGRAPHY bonus.  Paideia once again took the lead after a History question: "Without Spam, we wouldn't have been able to feed our army during World War II," said which Soviet premier of the 1960s? (Ans. Nikita Khrushchev)  Rookie Horizon (MN) moved into second place, only 15 points behind Paideia, after this solo shot: “Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota are two of several cities that are preparing for another season of bad flooding as what river - not the Mississippi -- could reach its fifth highest flood stage ever?” (Ans. Red River)  It was crowded at the top midway through the final period:

School April 2
Dawkins (SC)... 185
Horizon (MN)... 185
Miller (GA)... 195
Paideia (GA)... 200


Dawkins moved into a tie with Paideia for the lead, 285-285, after a Bible question: “In the book of Jonah, what did the sailors do to calm the sea?” (Ans. They threw Jonah overboard.)  That was the score at the end of regulation play … the first time in the 16-year history of QuizNet that a title match had to be settled in overtime.  The first overtime question: “Begin a trip in Houston, Texas.  Go five states north, then two states west.  In what state are you?” Dawkins guessed Washington, but Paideia came up with the correct answer of Idaho.  By the slimmest of margins, Paideia denied Dawkins the championship in Dawkins’ rookie season in QuizNet.

School April 2
Dawkins (SC)... 285
Horizon (MN)... 240
Miller (GA)... 245
Paideia (GA)... 290
Woodglen 145


John Cooper (TX) was tied with Horace Greeley(NY) at 125 after gaining 5 points on the WATERGATE bonus.  High Tech (NJ) took a 25-point lead after gaining 30 on the DOUBLE-B bonus.  Horace Greeley had taken a 10-point lead by gaining 30 on the SOUTH bonus, but High Tech jumped right back into first place by stealing their 20-poiner.  Horace Greeley moved back into the lead after a History question … Said Frederick Douglass: “He began the war that ended American slavery and made this a free Republic.  His zeal in the cause of my race was greater than mine; I could live for the slave, but he could die for him.”  Who was he talking about? (Ans. John Brown)  High Tech yet again led the pack after a question about French monarchs.  Pingry (NJ) jumped into the lead on a Music question: “A version of this Bohemian dance, in 2/4 time, appears in the opera The Bartered Bride.  Name it.” (Ans. Polka)  Pingry increased its lead to 25 on a Science question: “What igneous rock makes up the bulk of Devil's Tower?” (Ans. Basalt)   A dramatic math solo shot, late in the contest, put High Tech in the lead, 305-300 over Pingry!  High Tech increased its lead to 35 after a second solo shot on Current Events: “One of the last things Leon Panetta did as Defense Secretary was to anger many Conservatives with which decision?” (Ans. To eliminate gender-based barriers in the military; to make women eligible for combat assignment)  This final match was quite exciting, and very close until the last 5 minutes, when the defending champs took charge.  High Tech ended up winning another QuizNet title by an 80-point margin over second-place Pingry.

School April 4
High Tech 400
John Cooper (TX)... 265
Central Bucks East (PA)... 130
White Plains (NY)... 165
Pingry (NJ)... 320
East Varsity (PA)... 290
HB Woodlawn (VA)... 160
Horace Greeley (NY)... 300