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September 12, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1. (5) Democrats don't have the votes to block Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to what, but they put up a fight during four days of Senate confirmation hearings last week? Ans. Supreme Court
2. (20) In releasing private documents about Kavanaugh, Senator Cory Booker compared himself to what famous person from the Roman Empire? Ans. Spartacus
3. (10) Ending months of self-imposed restraint, who castigated President Trump and Republican politics last week in an hour-long speech at the University of Illinois? Ans. Barack Obama
4. (10) The #MeToo movement was going strong at this year’s gathering in the Nevada desert , influencing the huge festival's reputation for unwanted advances? Ans. Burning Man
5. (20) In which country were two Reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in prison over illegal possession of official documents? Ans. Myanmar (Accept Burma.)
6. (15) A new book, Fear: Trump in the White House by what Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist was released last week? Ans. Bob Woodward
7. (10) Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels is the first player since which Hall of Famer to pitch at least 50 innings and hit at least 15 home runs in a season? Ans. Babe Ruth
8. (15) The International Criminal Court said on Sept. 11 it would "continue to do its work undeterred" a day after the U.S. National Security Adviser threatened sanctions if the tribunal investigated U.S. activities in Afghanistan. Who is the U.S. National Security Adviser? Ans. John Bolton
9. (15) This former Donald Trump campaign aide has been sentenced to two weeks in jail for lying to investigators about his contact with persons tied to Russia during the 2016 campaign. Name this man with a Greek surname. Ans. George Papadopoulos
10. (10) Michael Cohen has agreed to rescind the nondisclosure agreement that legally required who to keep quiet about her affair with President Donald Trump, Cohen's former client? Ans. Stormy Daniels
11. (5) What company’s sales have surged 31% in days after the Colin Kaepernick ad was unveiled? Ans. Nike
12. (15) She beat Serena Williams in the US Open final. Name this athlete, the first Japanese woman to win a Grand Slam final. Ans. Naomi Osaka
13. (10) One of China's richest men, Jack Ma, has stepped down as executive chairman of what e-commerce juggernaut? Ans. Alibaba
14. (5) The event's strong emphasis on the economy underscored the leader’s new strategy of putting economic development in the forefront. Name the leader or the nation that saw tanks in a military parade on its 70th anniversary, but with no advanced missiles on display. Ans. Kim Jong Un or North Korea
15. Vice President Mike Pence last Sunday said he would do what as part of a potential White House effort to identify the anonymous writer of the New York Times op-ed describing an perceived “resistance” movement within the Trump administration? Ans. Take a lie detector test.
16. (10) Pluto has an underground ocean, a multilayer atmosphere, organic compounds, and evidence of ancient lakes and multiple moons. According to scientist Philip Metzger, "It's more dynamic and alive than Mars. The only planet that has more complex geology is …” what? Ans. Earth
17. (15) Why did President Trump tweet ‘Thank You’ to Kim Jong Un on September 10? Ans. The North Korean Military Parade didn’t include a display of nuclear missiles.
18. (15) Submitted by an anonymous senior White House official, an op-ed very critical of President Trump was published in which media outlet? Ans. New York Times
19. (20) One popular theory about identifying the anonymous author of the "resistance" New York Times op ed piece is that there is a word in the article that suggests Vice President Mike Pence might be the author. What is the word? Ans. Lodestar
20. (15) Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey, executives from these two social media platforms, testified before the Senate to defend themselves against assertions that they don't promote conservative sources. Next to them was an empty chair and place card for Google, which didn’t send a high-ranking official executive. What companies do they represent? Ans. Facebook and Twitter

September 05, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1. (10) Who has agreed to a five-year extension with the New York Giants to be highest-paid wide receiver? Ans. Odell Beckham Jr.
2. (15) Which hurricane and which volcano have recently pummeled Hawaii? Ans. Lane and Kilauea
3. (20) Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts' death has been front page news of late because she was killed by what kind of person? Ans. An illegal immigrant
4. (10) A man with a history of mental illness shot and killed two people before killing himself at a Florida tournament for which video game? Ans. Madden NFL (Accept just Madden.)
5. (5) What nation was left out as the U.S. negotiated a renovation to the NAFTA trade agreement? Ans. Canada
6. (10) This company has announced that it will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% and will make its operations run on 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020. It’s also started evaluating the trustworthiness of its users by assigning them reputation scores from 0 to 1 when they report news articles as being fake in order to ferret out users who often make false claims about the articles. Name the company. Ans. Facebook
7. (5) It has introduced new job search tools specifically designed to assist American veterans and their families find employment that matches the special skills they learned during their military service. In other news, hundreds of employees at this company have signed a petition protesting a secret project to develop a search engine for what nation as they say it pushes moral boundaries. Name the company. Ans. Google
8. (10) Scientists, using the world’s largest particle accelerator, have at last observed the enigmatic decaying process of what elusive particle that was discovered in 2012? Ans. Higgs boson
9. (10) The Department of Justice sided with students of what hyphenated ethnicity in a lawsuit alleging that Harvard discriminates based on race in its admissions process? Ans. Asian-American
10. (10) The Copeland family lost a father and a son in the tragic attacks on Bastille Day in Nice, France. Thousands of donors gave to support the heartbroken family, and over $98k has been raised by means of what fundraising website? Ans. GoFundMe
11. (5) An NFL arbitrator has moved this former player’s "Collusion" grievance to a formal hearing. His allegation that the NFL colluded to deny him a contract as punishment for his lead role in player protests will get a formal hearing after an arbitrator denied the league's request for a summary judgment. Name this former 49er's quarterback. Ans. Colin Kaepernick
12. (5) In a stunning discovery, astronomers have found water clouds on Jupiter, raising the remote possibility that life may exist on the planet. Inside which feature of the planet was water found? Ans. Great Red Spot
13. (10) Scientists are feeding dairy cows seaweed in a bid to reduce bovine emissions of what compound and its effect on climate change? Ans. Methane (Emissions have been reduced by 30%)
14. (15) What city-state’s police are looking for two Indonesian women whom they want to testify at the trial of those accused of killing Kim Jong-nam? Ans. Singapore’s
15. (15) Which state is the first one to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial? Ans. California
16. (10) Sen. John McCain died nine years to the day after which other senator who had the same form of brain cancer? Ans. Ted Kennedy
17. (5) Along with President Trump, this political figure was also barred from John McCain's funeral. Who is this politician, his running mate in 2008? Ans. Sarah Palin
18. (15) John McCain was laid to rest Sunday in which city? Ans. Annapolis, Maryland
19. (10) What is tennis champion Serena Williams banned from wearing in future French Opens? Ans. A catsuit
20. (15) A UN human rights investigation concluded that what country's military leaders should be prosecuted for genocide? Ans. Myanmar’s

August 29, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1 (15) Bayer stocks plunged on Aug. 13 after a California state jury’s ruling on which of their products, formerly a Monsanto product before the merger? Ans. Roundup weed killer
2 (10) Which Asian country is denying claims it has imprisoned more than a million Uyghur Muslims in massive internment camps? Ans. China
3 (5) She got her start singing Gospel. She was the first woman inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Her hits during the 60’s include “A Natural Woman,” “Chain of Fools,” “Freeway of Love,” and “R-E-S-P-C-E-T.” Name the late “Queen of Soul.” Ans. Aretha Franklin
4 (15) An algae bloom along Florida’s west coast is killing thousands of fish and causing respiratory problems for some people. What is this algae bloom called? Ans. Red tide
5 (5) A grand jury in Pennsylvania released a statement that church leaders of which denomination covered up decades of abuse against children, and that church leadership covered up the abuse? Ans. Roman Catholic
6 (20) Who has been sworn in as Colombia’s new president? Ans. Iván Duque (Márquez)
7 (5) A group of 22 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia last week asked a U.S. appeals court to reinstate the Obama administration's 2015 landmark rules on what issue and reject the Trump administration's efforts to preempt states from imposing their own rules guaranteeing an open internet? Ans. Net neutrality
8 (10) He’ll miss three games after investigators found he protected his protégé for years through domestic violence allegations. Name this coach, suspended by Ohio State. Ans. Urban Meyer
9 (10) Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is mulling a plan to allow states to use federal funds to buy what for teachers? Ans. Guns
10 (10) What nation's energy minister said the government would proceed with the its plans to sell shares in state oil giant Aramco? Ans. Saudi Arabia's
11 (15) The answer’s not CNN, but in June 2017, Donald Trump tweeted attacks at the hosts of “Morning Joe,” a program on which cable channel? Ans. MSNBC
12 (20) A United Nations human rights investigation recently declared that what country’s military leaders should be prosecuted for genocide? Ans. Myanmar's
13 (15) A pair of goats that wandered onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn, and briefly delayed the northbound train, were taken to safety with the help of which celebrity? Ans. Jon Stewart
14 (10) Admitting North Korea has not begun to denuclearize, President Trump has told which official to cancel his trip to Pyongyang? Ans. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo
15 (5) The oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has started to break up. For the first time in recorded history, this summer there were open waters north of which huge island? Ans. Greenland
16 (5) A newspaper in what country condemned the so-called "double-dealing" US after Secretary of State Pompeo cancelled his trip? Ans. North Korea
17 (15) The late Sen. John McCain came from a family that had fought in every American war since what? Ans. American Revolution
18 (10) Sad Arhabi, the leader of the Islamic State in what country, died in an airstrike in Nangarhar province? Ans. Afghanistan
19 (15) President Trump asked his Twitter followers to repudiate which network's decision no longer to air the national anthem before NFL games? Ans. ESPN
20 (15) What show, a sequel to the seven-novel series by J.K. Rowling, won Best Play at the 2018 Tony Awards ceremony? Ans. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

August 22, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1 10 A jury ruled that which Monsanto product caused a former groundskeeper’s terminal cancer and awarded him damages of $289 million? Ans. Roundup
2 15 NASA launched what Probe, a mission to send a satellite closer to the Sun than ever before? Ans. Parker
3 10 Donald Trump has ratcheted up attacks on members of what profession, saying, "They can also cause War!"? Ans. Journalism (Journalists, news media)
4 5 Leaders of five Caspian Sea countries have signed an agreement to solve a longstanding dispute over ownership of reserves of what on the landlocked body of water? Ans. Oil and gas (Accept either one or petroleum)
5 15 Tesla may be looking to go private, but rival Nio is going the other way after it filed to raise $1.8 billion in an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the New York Stock Exchange. Nio is an electric automaker in what country? Ans. China
6 5 One local researcher said on Aug. 14 that this city has the worst air quality on record. With smoke from wildfires invading Puget Sound, University of Washington professor of atmospheric sciences Cliff Mass blamed the unhealthy conditions on a "perfect storm" of meteorological events. Name the city. Ans. Seattle
7 5 She’s at the top of Forbes’s list of highest-paid actresses, thanks in part to her role as Marvel superhero Black Widow. Name this star. Ans. Scarlet Johansson
8 10 It admits it tracks users even when they don't want them to. What company was still tracing and storing the places where its users went, despite turning off Location History? Ans. Google
9 15 Former CIA Director John Brennan says President Trump is "drunk on …" what? Ans. Power
10 10 The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) last Friday filed a formal complaint against which social media outlet, saying it illegally permits realtors to limit their ads by characteristics such as race? Ans. Facebook
11 10 What former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner is dead at age 80? Ans. Kofi Annan
12 20 Name Pakistan's cricket star-turned-politician who was sworn in as prime minister last Saturday. Ans. Imran Khan
13 10 Aretha Franklin’s funeral is set for August 31 in what city? Ans. Detroit
14 5 Police in what nation have arrested 26 people charged with stealing Tang Dynasty artifacts from the Dulan Tombs, located on the legendary Silk Road? Ans. China
15 5 The governor of this state recently declared that "America was never that great." A potential Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election, he’s facing a gubernatorial primary challenge from actress Cynthia Nixon. Name the state whose governor is Andrew Cuomo. Ans. New York
16 15 Last week, President Trump revoked the security clearance of which of his prominent critics, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency? Ans. John Brennan
17 5 The UN said that more than half the people fleeing Venezuela are suffering from malnutrition. Venezuela’s economy has collapsed despite the nation being rich in what commodity? Ans. Oil
18 20 What is the title of Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book about working in the White House with President Trump? Ans. Unhinged
19 10 Republican Melissa Howard dropped out of the race for Florida’s statehouse after admitting she had faked what item? Ans. College diploma
20 20 Nebraska became the first state to use this drug in an execution, and Demi Lovato’s recent drug overdose occurred when she smoked oxycodone that had been laced with it. Name this drug that can treat severe pain. Ans. Fentanyl

August 15, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1 (5) Venezuela arrested six over explosions of what pilotless radio-controlled aircraft during President Maduro’s speech? Ans. Drones
2 (10) President Trump signed the defense authorization bill bearing the name of which Republican, with whom he’s had a long feud? Ans. John McCain
3 (5) He says he's retiring from acting following the September release of the film The Old Man & the Gun. Name this actor, awarded Best Director for Ordinary People, whose other films include The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Ans. Robert Redford
4 (5) A flat tire is evidently to blame for starting the Carr fire and ensuing devastation in which state ? Ans. California
5 (10) The publication of blueprints for what 3-D printed thing was halted recently by a federal judge? Ans. Gun
6 (15) He is blaming far-right factions for an assassination attempt on his life. Who is this South American leader? Ans. Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela
7 (5) Some cities have renamed streets and schools due to links with the Confederacy. What Texas city, whose name rhymes with that of a New England capital city, might change its name? Ans. Austin
8 (20) Why has the new movie Christopher Robin been banned in China? Ans. Blogs comparing Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh are popular in China to mock the country’s leader. (or, Winnie the Pooh is a symbol of resistance to China's ruling party)
9 (5) What company’s stock price soared on August 7 after Elon Musk floated a plan to take it private? Ans. Tesla
10 (10) He ranks second among NFL receiving yards leaders. He played for the 49ers and the Cowboys. The Pro football Hall of Fame is considering a rule change to make attendance mandatory because he skipped the official ceremony in Canton, Ohio. Name this wide receiver, popularly known by his initials, T.O. Ans. Terrell Owens
11 (5) Twitter has not banned what person, whom New York magazine calls “America's leading conspiracy theorist”? Ans. Alex Jones
12 (10) Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was arrested at a ramshackle compound in New Mexico, and is accused of training children for attacks on what facilities? Ans. Schools
13 (10) He holds Serbian, Russian, and U.S. citizenship. He was recently named a special representative of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his mission being to help improve relations with the U.S. Name this action star of On Deadly Ground, who is himself under investigation for a new assault-against-women case. Ans. Steven Seagal
14 (20) This suburb is one of the venues for the 2019 National Academic Championship. Name the city, where Rick Gates testified in the trial of President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Ans. Alexandria, Virginia
15 (10) Fill in the blank. Pardon the oxymoron, but a new ancient _____ was just discovered during road works, buried near the Valley of the Kings. It’s the second such colossal statue known to exist. Ans. Sphinx
16 (5) France says Britain could still cancel it and remain in the European Union on the same terms it currently enjoys. What is the portmanteau word for this secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum? Ans. Brexit
17 (5) An airline employee took off in a stolen plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Aug. 10, then crashed it into the Puget Sound in an apparent attempt to do what? Ans. Commit suicide
18 (10) On Aug. 12, NASA launched a space probe destined for what body in our solar system? Ans. The sun
19 (5) So far, talks have failed to convince Turkey to release an American pastor. Relations between the US and Turkey have been strained over various issues, including how to deal with a civil war in which country on Turkey’s southern border? Ans. Syria
20 (15) Rep. Chris Collins of New York was arrested and charged with which crime? Ans. Insider trading

August 8, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1 5 The world's oldest person has died at age 117. Her name was Chiyo Miyako, a citizen of which country? Ans. Japan
2 20 In what country was a former cricket star elected as the new prime minister? Ans. Pakistan
3 25 Warner Brothers has opened a billion-dollar theme park in which United Arab Emirates city? Ans. Abu Dhabi
4 10 Stock in what company lost more than $118 billion in value in one day, the largest single-day drop in any company’s value in stock market history? Ans. Facebook
5 5 The Obama Foundation has delayed the presidential center groundbreaking in what city until next year? Ans. Chicago
6 5 Last year, many school districts warned parents about what Netflix series that some critics say glorifies teen suicide? Ans. 13 Reasons Why
7 5 He says he's not sure collusion with Russia would be considered a crime despite the Robert Mueller investigation. Name this Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor. Ans. Rudy Giuliani
8 10 What team that lost the 2016 World Series now has the longest current drought, 70 years since their last win in 1948? Ans. Cleveland Indians
9 10 Officials at a Syracuse, New York zoo have announced the birth of twin red pandas, an endangered species native to which continent? Ans. Asia
10 5 What competitor, No. 2 in the industry, gained market share over Uber after Uber was hacked, exposing the data of over 57 million users globally? Ans. Lyft
11 10 Thousands of immigrants daily are being absorbed by what country west of Venezuela, fleeing the food shortages and politics there? Ans. Venezuela
12 10 What US company said “iLike” to Inner Mongolia in 2018 and will build its first cloud-based data center in northern China there? Ans. Apple
13 10 Augusta National Golf Club, often considered the most beautiful in America, finally accepted its first women members in 2012, including which African-American, a former Secretary of State? Ans. Condoleeza Rice
14 10 What two social media sites are releasing a new tool to limit how much time people spend on their apps? Ans. Facebook and Instagram
15 10 What company has made history by becoming the first U.S. company to reach $1 trillion in market value? Ans. Apple
16 5 Pope Francis has declared what punishment unacceptable in all cases? Ans. The death penalty (capital punishment)
17 5 Russian border guards were holding an American man who came ashore in the remote far eastern Chukotka region after sailing in a dinghy from which state? Ans. Alaska
18 15 After a slump on August 2, China was eclipsed by what country as the World's Second-Biggest Stock Market? Ans. Japan
19 10 Urban Meyer has been placed on leave as his employer investigates what he knew about multiple instances of domestic abuse involving one of his former assistant coaches. He is which football team’s head coach? Ans. Ohio State’s
20 10 President Trump is threatening a government shutdown if he doesn't get what? Ans. (Funding for) a border wall

August 1, 2018

# Points Question Answer
1 5 Ex-FBI chief Comey is urging voters to support which political party this fall? Democratic
2 10 The NFL players union filed a grievance on July 17 over the league's new requirement that players can choose between what two alternatives? Stand for the national anthem or wait in their locker rooms.
3 5 Walk Free Foundation posted its 2018 Global ______ Index. North Korea and Eritrea were at the top. Fill in the blank with the name of an institution that tore apart America during the 19th century. Slavery
4 10 When Britain leaves the European Union in 2019, what nation will be the only EU member with nuclear weapons and a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council? France
5 10 What politician, who is 25 years younger than his wife Brigitte, founded En Marche, and defeated the National Front's Marine Le Pen to become president of France? Emmanuel Macron
6 5 President Hassan Rouhani warned President Donald Trump about “mother of all wars.” Rouhani is the president of which country? Iran
7 10 Francesco Molinari won the British Open on July 22, giving what country its first victory at one of golf's major championships? Italy
8 5 The EU slapped a $5 billion fine on what Internet giant for pushing apps on Android users? Google
9 10 Which former U.S. President spoke at an event in South Africa to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, that nation’s first black president? Barack Obama
10 20 The European Union signed a historic free-trade deal with what nation, creating the world’s largest open economic area? Japan
11 10 If it were a country, which US state would be one of the world's top three oil producers, only falling behind Russia and Saudi Arabia? Texas
12 5 What singer was treated with naloxone for an apparent heroin overdose, and is recovering? Demi Lovato
13 10 They reportedly put a $70,000 hit on a dog's head after the pup recently found roughly 22,000 pounds of the gang's cocaine supply. I’m talking about a drug gang in what country? Colombia
14 5 Remains of U.S. servicemen from 1950-53 have been retrieved from what country? North Korea
15 10 After 16 years, what state is expected to see a 2019 opening for a premier entertainment and shopping complex, American Dream Meadowlands? New Jersey
16 15 Combating climate change since 2006 is the subject of what 2017 documentary by Al Gore? An Inconvenient Sequel
17 5 Scientists report that worms frozen for 42,000 years in the permafrost of which vast Russian region were successfully revived? Siberia
18 15 Imran Khan is poised to become the next prime minister of Pakistan after his party won national elections last week. He’s a former standout in what sport? Cricket
19 10 Scientists from Italy recently discovered evidence of an underground body of water on which heavenly body? Mars