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2018 Junior National Academic Championship HIGHLIGHTS

New Orleans Phase 2018


Past national champs were here – defending champs Chaffin (AR), 2015 national champs Woodland (AR), 2015-2017 New Orleans champs Paidea (GA). In the Final Four, Edmonson County (KY) defeated Pulaski Heights B (themselves coming off a 465-point win) 525-220. Then juggernauts Paideia and Chaffin faced each other. A seesaw battle from start to finish, Paideia edged Chaffin 355-350.

The last contest was tied at 60 at the end of the first round. Edmonson County took charge in the bonus round, with sweeps of the PRESIDENTS and DUELS bonuses. Both teams shone in the final period, correctly answering 16 of 18 “Stump the Experts” questions. Paideia amassed 300 points at game’s end, enough to win most contests, but Edmonson County scored 440, sporting an 8-0 record.

This was Edmonson County’s sixth time at the Junior National Academic Championship. They joined us for the very first JNAC in 2008, and won the very first game. They have advanced to the playoffs four times. They advanced to the quarterfinals for the third time this year. They were the number one ranked team going into the playoffs in 2018 for the second consecutive year.

Here’s the Top Team


First Row: Taylor Dooley, Jonas Miller, Brody Johnson, Meredith Hennion.
Second Row: Evy Bolton, Derick Jaggers, Madison Atkins, Emma Sackett, and Haleigh Lindsey.
Third Row: Coaches Greg Grey, Robin Grey, and Alan Florence.



Left to right: Reese Harward, Amit Kamma, Rohan Leveille, Miles Kirsh, Grant Alpern, Sean Zheng

Edmonson County, moments after victory


New Orleans MVP


Jonas Miller of Edmonson County

DC Phase 2018


Township of Warren Middle School (NJ) has participated in Junior Nationals in eight of our eleven years. They won DC in 2015 and did it again in 2018. They were seeded tenth this year, with a 4-2 record going into the playoffs, but had the hot hand on Playoff Sunday. Warren edged a very competitive team from Hollidaysburg (PA) 350-300, then defeated Wooster A (OH) 355-245 and Spry A 405-220. Meanwhile, first-timer Aspen Creek (NE) overcame crosstown rival Gretna 390-205 and Smith Station (AL) 430-205.

The last contest saw Warren trail Aspen Creek at the end of the first round, 40-60. The game was tied at 130 at halftime after Warren swept NAME THE TOOL, a visual bonus, and Aspen Creek swept ACRONYMS. The teams were also tied at the end of the 60 Seconds round, as both teams had trouble with the categories BIBLICAL PROVERBS and FILL IN THE BLANK.

Warren took charge in the “Stump the Experts” round scoring 120 unanswered points on American Literature, Chemistry, Historical Geography, Latin, Hardware, and American Art. The final score: Warren 310, Aspen Creek 230.

Here’s the Top Team


Left to right: Shaan Lehal, Ariha Mehta, James Young, Andy Shi

Aspen Creek


Left to right: Philip Matya, Jayden Mason, Nick Goblirsch, Tanner Maas, Jack Rasmussen


Warren Middle School's James Young was named DC MVP.


James Young of Warren Middle School

Chicago Phase 2018


Harding Academy (AR) came from out of nowhere to dominate the postseason. They were seeded seventh this year, with a 4-2 record going into the playoffs, but had the hot hand on Playoff Monday. They edged perennial powerhouse Danville Bate (KY) 280-275, eliminating the first all-female team ever to make the playoffs. Their next game was another thriller: 310-295 over Hawken (OH). Meanwhile, University of Detroit Jesuit’s middle school team defeated Quest (IL) 335-235 and Brownell Talbot (NE) 385-240.

The last contest saw Harding lead the Jesuits 50-40 at the end of the first period. Detroit grabbed the lead 120-90 in the Bonus Round, sweeping the BATTLES category. The game was tied at 130 at halftime after Warren swept NAME THE TOOL, a visual bonus, and Aspen Creek swept ACRONYMS. The teams were tied at the end of the 60 Seconds round after Harding got 9 out of 10 in this “Mystery Category” – Keep track of your answers, because the information will be useful if we reach No. 10.

1. Which part of a trombone changes pitch? Ans. Slide

2. A torus in geometry is called what in a bakery? Ans. Doughnut

3. What do we call a deliberate cessation of work by laborers? Ans. Strike

4. Identify the noble title of Dracula. Ans. Count

5. A mixture of flour and water to make a cake. Ans. Batter

6. A decade is 10 years, and what is 20 years? Ans. Score

7. Number 10 on the Mohs’ Scale. Ans. Diamond

8. An unraveling in a nylon stocking? Ans. Run

9. Examples of what include habenero and jalapeno? Ans. Pepper

10. Now solve the mystery of the mystery category, and tell me what subject all these answers have in common. Ans. Baseball

In the final period, Jesuit took the lead on this one: “Synonyms of this six-syllable noun include defiance and insolence. It is behavior that includes unwillingness to carry out a directive from a supervisor. Jeffrey Wigand, the whistleblowing vice president of Brown and Williamson, who disclosed tobacco industry practices, was fired for what offense, defined as “disobedient resistance to authority”? (Ans. Insubordination) Then Harding exploded with a scoring fest that saw them answer 8 out of the last 14 “Stump the Experts” questions in Algebra, Physiology, Religion, Food, Current Events, Geography, Art, and History. The final score: Harding 350, Detroit Jesuit 250.

Here’s the Top Team


The Harding Academy gang from Arkansas

Coach Malcolm Teasdale and the Detroit Jesuit Middle School Squad


University of Detroit Jesuit brought Middle School, High School JV, & High School Varsity teams. All made the Final Four in their respective division.



Harding Academy’s Aubrey Jones was named Chicago MVP.

Orlando Phase 2018


Nobody came close to defeating Johnson County (KY). They entered the playoffs ranked No. 1, and all their wins were decisive: 465-170 over Watson Chapel (AR) and 485-195 over Mid-Carolina (SC) in the finals.

Here’s the Top Team


l to r: Maeve Tipton, Zoe Castle, Coach Pamela Burton, Bryce Fletcher, Gabe Gess



l to r: (seated) Nicole Curtis, Sam Hawkins, Katy Mae Crooks, Jack Gantt
(standing) Coach: Janna Richardson, Maya Williams, Coach Kristin Caughman



Johnson County’s Bryce Fletcher was named MVP.

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