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New Orleans Phase 2016


Lux (NE) Edged Out 365-305
at the


Advancing to the 12-team playoffs were four Georgia teams, three from Nebraska, three from Arkansas, one apiece from Oklahoma and Louisiana. Lux defeated two Georgia teams en route to the Final Four, then overcame another Nebraska school, Omaha Westside, 360-315. Meanwhile, Paideia's A team beat Brownell-Talbot (NE) 380-310 and Lusher (LA) 435-245.

New Orleans Finals

Georgia vs. Nebraska! Paideia jumped out to a 90-30 lead at the end of the first period.



Left to right: l to r: Anisha Kadabandi, Darrix Lim, Suzie Cho (captain), Brenton Zhang, Will Ma, Linda Bettis (coach).

Paideia led 130-85 at the end of an uneventful Bonus Round. In the 60 Seconds Round, Lux advanced 60-10 on MATH; Paideia, 80-20 on FOUR LETTER WORDS. Each team got seven correct answers in the "Stump the Experts" round, and Paideia, by a final score of 360-305, repeated their 2014 feat by winning New Orleans,



Left to right: Jesse Garcia, Anna Zheng (captain), Jordan Leslie, Nikhel Krishna, Greg Changnon (coach)

New Orleans MVP

Anna Zheng was named New Orleans MVP.


Anna Zheng

DC Phase 2016


Grace Christian Academy from Saipan Defeated, 395-240
at the


Advancing to the 8-team playoffs were two Georgia teams, two Kentucky teams, one apiece from Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Saipan (one of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. commonwealth in the Western Pacific). Against all odds (including a 25-hour flight from Saipan), rookie Grace Christian Academy advanced to the DC finals, defeating Kittridge A (GA) 255-205, then upsetting Warren (NJ) 335-300. Meanwhile, Wooster, the only undefeated team in the prelims, won decisively over Kittridge B 410-190 and Anchorage (KY) 420-230.

DC Finals

Ohio vs. Saipan! Wooster led 80-60 at the end of the first period.

Grace Christian Academy from Saipan


Left to right: l to r: Coach Susan S. Pajarillaga, Hyunin Noh, Lanz Jabez Victoria, Arvin Dayao, Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, Chip Beall, Jason Russell, Miku Kimura, Coach Genesis Prieto

The pivotal quarter in this contest was the bonus round, which was all Wooster, grabbing all five bonus opportunities, and sweeping the IRELAND and MATH bonuses. They led at halftime 205-60. In the 60 Seconds Round, Grace chose AMERICAN REVOLUTION, advancing 70-20; Wooster picked INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, also advancing 70-20. Each team got five correct answers in the "Stump the Experts" round. Basically, then, Saipan Grace played Wooster even for three quarters, losing out in the Bonus Round. Wooster’s margin of victory was 395-240.



Left to right: Top row: Coach Marshall, Olivia VanSickle, Tyler Keating, Sophia VanSickle, Coach Largent, Bottom Row: Madison Schroer, Anna Nacci, Rheanna Velasquez

The Story of the Year at Nationals

We didn’t fully understand ahead of time, but Kittridge Magnet School from Atlanta brought two teams, and both of them consisted of elementary school students (grades 4-6). Thus they set the record for the youngest teams ever at Nationals. And they both made the playoffs, one of the most amazing accomplishments in the 9-year history of Junior Nationals. Congratulations to Coach Sumi Jayaraman for engineering this memorable feat.

Kittridge A & B


Front row left to right: Sophia Wang, Brandon Leonard, Sanchit Sehgal, Henry Seegars,
Back row left to right: Coach Sumi Jayaraman , Andrew Pietkiewicz, Aaditya Saha, Nitin Rao , Mariah McKenzie


Wooster's Olivia VanSickle was named DC MVP.


Olivia VanSickle

Chicago Phase 2016


at the
Heritage Classical Academy
from Stow, Ohio

Next Generation School Wins Chicago


(l to r): Seated: Andy Tang, Lawrence Zhao, Robert Nagel, Tim Cho, Daniel Cho
Standing: Nicholas Phillips, Coach Brenda Searby

Next Generation School from Champaign, Illinois, finished 8-1, besting 24 other teams, and winning Chicago in their first time ever at the Junior National Academic Championship. En route to the final match, they defeated Riverdale (OH) 565-205 and St. James (KY) 450-255. Meanwhile, Heritage Classical Academy overcame Newman Catholic (IA) 420-180 and Franklin (IL) 400-300.

Heritage Classical Academy vs. Next Generation

Next Generation took a 70-40 lead into the Bonus Round, but the game was basically won in the Bonus Round. Next Generation grabbed all five bonus opportunities, with tossup answers on Smallpox, The Kiss by Constantin Brancusi, German as the language sung in Weber’s “Hunter’s Chorus,” chlorophyll, and phonetics. They swept four of their five bonuses: ANTARCTICA, PALACE OF VERSAILLES, MALAPROPISMS, and SOLID GEOMETRY taking an insurmountable 230-55 lead at halftime. The final score: Next Generation 450, Heritage Classical Academy 295.

Heritage Classical Academy (Stow, OH)


(l to r): Standing: Anna Farrington, Sophia Wohlwend, Camille Wheeler, Stephen Rust;
Seated: Madison Yerkey, Jasmine Wheeler, Cameron De Carlo


Heritage’s Jasmine Wheeler was named MVP of the Chicago phase of the tournament.


Jasmine Wheeler

Hard-Luck CVCA

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy was the hard-luck team of this year’s Nationals. They finished second in DC in average points per game, but missed the playoffs with a 3-3 record. Their losses: 265-255 to Gretna (NE), 245-170 to Anchorage, 235-205 to Warren. In their wins they scored 405, 410, and 360.

Declaring a National Champion

The first consideration in declaring a national champion is number of losses. Next Generation suffered one loss in the preliminary rounds to perennial contender Danville Bate (KY), winners of this year’s Giant Killer Award. The Illinois team finished first in total points by far – 411 to Wooster’s 354 -- but that one loss kept them from winning it all. Paideia and Wooster were undefeated, and Wooster ended up No. 1 in the nation, narrowly edging Paideia on statistics. Wooster won the $1,500 prize for their No. 1 finish; Paideia, $1,000 for No. 2; Next Generation, $500 for No. 3.

Method to determine National Champion in JNAC and JV NAC tournaments:

  1. The three champions from each location are considered for the title of National Champion.
  2. The three teams will first be separated by number of losses. If one team has fewer losses than the other two, they will be automatically be named National Champion.
  3. In any case where more than one team has the same number of losses and no team has been named National Champion according to number 2 above, the following tie-breaker will be utilized to determine which team is the National Champion.
  4. Each of the team's opponents, including playoff opponents, will be evaluated based on average point differential during the preliminary rounds in all games other than any games against the team under consideration, not including forfeited games. The resulting average point differentials will then be totaled.
  5. Each of the team's games will be evaluated based on point differential. For this step, point differential in playoff games will be multiplied by .86 to account for a larger number of points available during playoff rounds. The point differentials from each of the team's games will then be totaled.
  6. The totals determined in numbers 4 and 5 will then be averaged to determine the team's final value.
  7. The team with the higher final value will be named National Champion. Ties will be taken out to as many decimal points as necessary to determine a higher value. In case of an exact tie, the following tie-breakers will be used.
    1. Team with the most wins
    2. Team with the greatest average point differential based on number 5 above
    3. Coin flip

Hall of Fame

To achieve Hall of Fame status, a student must excel at Nationals at least two years, and lead his team to the top in one of those years. Brandon "the Scoring Machine" Fairchild led Johnson County to triumph in DC, earning his place in the assembly of immortals which boasts only three students in eight years.

  • Jon Leidenheimer (Longfellow, VA, 2009-2011)
  • Myles Siglin (Flushing, MI, 2012-2014)
  • Brandon Fairchild (Johnson County, KY, 2013-2015)


  • 2008 - Bate Middle School (Danville, KY)
  • 2009 - Longfellow Middle School (Falls Church,VA)
  • 2010 - Longfellow Middle School (Falls Church,VA)
  • 2011 - Longfellow Middle School (Falls Church,VA)
  • 2012 - Trickum Middle School (Stone Mountain, GA)
  • 2013 - Flushing Middle School (Flushing, MI)
  • 2014 - Woodland Junior High School (Fayetteville, AR)
  • 2015 - Sutton Middle School (Atlanta, GA)
  • 2016 - Wooster Middle School (Wooster, OH)