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37th Annual National Academic Championship.
12th Annual Junior National Academic Championship.
3rd Annual Elementary National Academic Championship.
(If you are bringing more than one team you need to fill out a separate form for each team)

Although you may fill out and submit this form at any time, be advised, your team is not registered until we receive your entry fee.We are happy to send you an invoice if you need one, but please ask, because most teams do not need them.

Note: We would prefer that you not print out and mail in this form, but rather fill it out and just click "Submit Query" at the bottom.

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Please list all participants (coaches and students; it's not necessary to list parents) coming to the 35th Annual National Academic Championship and indicate whether they are Adult/Male, Adult/Female,Student/Male, or Student/Female.

Note: Don't leave this space blank. Let us know by May 15 if this ETA will change.

For your convenience and enjoyment while you're at Nationals, you are welcome to choose one time frame, below, during which you DO NOT WANT YOUR GAMES SCHEDULED, for the purpose of sightseeing or for any other reason. You needn't choose any time slots if you have no preference.

First competition day

Second competition day

If you are bringing more than one team, please let us know whether you prefer your teams to be scheduled at the same time (which would increase sightseeing time) or not at the same time (allowing you to be present at both teams' contests). You may pay the entry fee(s) with a check or a credit card.