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We're Green

We're serious about the environment. In 2002, we inaugurated the first-ever "paperless" National Academic Championship, and our questions were read from laptops rather than paper scripts.

Questions Unlimited in 2004 started offering an email option for question delivery. With a modest price break, customers are encouraged to receive questions by email. In many cases, they are able to read questions from laptops rather than hard copy. We hope some day to make that the only option.

In our advertising, we have reduced by 40% our use of physical brochure mail-outs, and are moving more and more toward the use of email for that purpose.

It's not easy, but we're trying to limit our use of petroleum and petroleum products as much as possible. It is impossible to run the National Academic Championship, of course, expecting that nobody will use gasoline to get there. Our long-running online QuizNet program, however, does give schools the opportunity to compete in a national tournament without using any oil/gas.

We are not political activists, but we support efforts like the T. Boone Pickens plan to wean America from dependence on foreign oil and petrodictators by means of developing alternative energy sources.

"Required reading" -- check out Thomas Friedman's 2008 book Hot, Flat, and Crowded.

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