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DC 2018


Rosa Parks from Lexington, KY triumphed in the DC phase of the National Academic Championship. They suffered a 290-265 loss to Wooster A (OH) in the prelims but beat Rogers International A (CT) 405-180 in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Eastern from Lexington, OH overcame Wooster B 320-240.

The Lexington vs. Lexington game was a classic. The Ohio team led 70-60 after the Warm-up round. Rosa Parks grabbed four of the five bonus opportunities, but was not able to cash in many bonus points, taking a 130-105 lead into the third quarter. In the “Sixty Seconds” round, Lexington Eastern advanced 80-20 in their category choice, SPORTS AND GAMES SURFACES. Rosa Parks chose GOODS, advancing 70-10. Rosa Parks led Lexington Eastern 210-205 going into the final round, during which the teams exploded for points. Between the two, they answered 14 of the 18 “Stump the Experts” questions. Eastern retook the lead on the first question in which they identified a conifer from a visual clue. Rosa Parks responded by retaking the lead on the next question, “As a young man, he learned his fate from an oracle and fled the home of his parents. Name this man who solved the riddle of the Sphinx.” (Ans. Oedipus) The Ohio team wrested the lead on the next one, “What planet has the smallest axial tilt, at 0.1 degrees? Even if it doesn’t have seasons, summer would be hot there.” (Ans. Mercury) The Kentucky squad took the lead yet again on this one: “Located on the west bank of the Nile, across from Luxor, what is the burial place of 63 pharaohs, including the tomb of King Tut?” (Ans. Valley of the Kings) Back and forth, back and forth. Rosa Parks saw some daylight after a second consecutive score, this on an audio question: “How does every heart beat in this song?” (Ans. “True,” after listening to “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”) The final score was Rosa Parks 370, Lexington Eastern 325.

Here’s the Top Team


(l to r): Hasita Karthikeyan, Ahaan Thomas, Hassan Kahloon , Srikantth Gentela, Yusuf Kahloon, Thomas Yuan, Ayaan Arain, Coach Sangeeta Kadambi

Lexington Eastern


(l to r): Ava Ghazarian Noah Eckstein Jacob Sophie Roberts Wyatt Miller Grant Mentzer, Coach Jennifer Berry



Hawken, the defending national champs, triumphed again in the Chicago phase of the Elementary National Academic Championship. Ironically, Hawken A’s sole loss in the prelims, which may prevent them from a second consecutive national title, was to Hawken B. In the first playoff match, Hawken overcame Brandeis B (KY) 325-260.

The ensuing final Hawken A vs. Brandeis A game was a classic. The Ohio team led 70-50 after the Warm-up round. They increased their lead, 110-75, during a Bonus Round which saw all tossups answered correctly, but precious little bonus points added by either team. Hawken led by that same 35-point margin going into the fourth quarter. Brandeis grabbed the first four tossups, about Picasso, civilizations, aborigines, and Baby Boomers, quickly changing the score 245-200 in their favor. Hawken answered with 80 unanswered points of their own, identifying the British national anthem, Music Theory, Anatomy, and Math. Brandeis took a 285-280 lead after questions about Harry Potter and Marilyn Monroe. Hawken answered with questions about California and Ukraine. What a game! Hawken won 320-285.

Here’s the Top Team


(l to r): Finn Bretz, Parker Carrus, Coach Pat Jewell, Pranay Gupta, Mac Clar, Oliver Parsi

Runner-Up Brandeis


(l to r): Sathvik Bhavaraju, Emma Hatfield, Shrika Chennakesavula, Manasvi Bhavaraju, Vallabh Ramesh, Coach Nathaniel Hatfield, Sree Paladugu, Sumu Vulava, Sohan Sen, Shashank Kamal, Heera Venkatesh, Aryan Arusam



Hawken’s Pranay Gupta was named Chicago MVP.

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